March 21st, 2023

Teatro del Libertador San Martín. “Freude Freude! Beethoven: the piano as an orchestra”Concert on March 26, 2023 at 8:00 p.m.

The Delfino Quirici Polyphonic Choir and the Municipal Choir of Córdoba take the stage at the Teatro del Libertador San Martín together with the artists Horacio Lavandera, pianist, soprano Laura Rizzo and Alejandra Malvino, mezzo-soprano. In addition, the tenor Enrique Folger and Christian Peregrino, bass, participate. Instrumental ensemble. The repertoire announces “4th movement of the 9th choral symphony”, “Egmont” and “Choral Fantasy”, by the German composer Ludwig van Beethoven.

The instrumental ensemble is in charge of the pianists Irene Amerio, Fabricio Rovasio and Vicente Ronza. The ensemble is completed with the performances of Lucía Luque, on violin, together with Aníbal Borzone and Javier Muñoz, on percussion.

The general direction is in charge of the teacher Juan Manuel Brarda. Organized by Foundation for Culture, Río Cuarto.

The tickets have a value of stalls, 1100 pesos; casserole and social gathering, 900; paradise, 600 pesos. On the other hand, boxes, 3850 and casserole boxes, 2750 pesos.

Teatro del Libertador San Martín