June 1st, 2023

MANCHESTER WIRE. Acclaimed pianist Horacio Lavandera presents a new, intimate composition at The Stoller Hall. Sun 22 Oct, 7.30pm.

Presenting an ‘intimate and very expressive’ composition for the first time, award-winning Argentinian pianist and conductor Horacio Lavandera performs Christian Mason’s just as the sun is always… on Sun 22 Oct at The Stoller Hall.

Commissioned by Lavandera after he and the acclaimed British composer met in 2004, just as the sun is always… offers a soul-stirring piece of mesmerically uplifting music in a programme which also features well-known masterpieces by Mozart, Beethoven, Liszt, Mendelssohn and Henry Purcell.

Since winning the III Umberto Micheli International Piano Competition aged just 16, Lavandera has enjoyed an illustrious career during which he has performed at Carnegie Hall, Berlin Philharmonie, Wigmore Hall and many others, consistently receiving critical adulation. As a conductor, Lavandera created the Orquesta Clasica Argentina in 2017, and has played the double role of director and soloist for the Piano Concertos of both Beethoven and Chopin.

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Sun 22 Oct, 7.30pm, The Stoller Hall, 

Hunts Bank, Manchester M3 1DA

, Tel: 0333 130 0967, £22

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Published on:
Mon 1 Jun 2020