January 22nd, 2023

LA CAPITAL. Concert by Horacio Lavandera with a repertoire of “Great German composers”

LA CAPITAL. Mar del Plata.

It will be next Saturday at the Teatro Colón. He will perform works by Beethoven, Stockhausen, Schumann, Bach, Brahms, Wagner and Liszt, in another meeting of the pianist with the Mar del Plata summer.

After his successful passage through the opening of the Cosquín Festival, the renowned pianist Horacio Lavandera will arrive in Mar del Plata to give a concert at the Colón Municipal Theater. It will be next Saturday at 9:00 p.m. on the stage of the Teatro Colón.

On this occasion, the award-winning artist will perform a show entitled “Great German Composers”, in which he will perform works by Beethoven, Stockhausen, Schumann, Bach, Brahms, Wagner and Liszt.

Lavandera’s participation in the Mar del Plata summer has already become a classic that year after year attracts a large number of audiences who appreciate his art, his career and his distinguished performance of classic works, as well as pearls of academic music. little spread.

Search, research and innovation have marked the piano career of Lavandera, son of the well-remembered drummer José María Lavandera, who from his first years of life connected with music and developed his talent.

A sample of this investigative work that characterizes him is the program that he has just executed together with Jairo and Juan Falú at the opening of the 63rd edition of the Cordoba festival. On that occasion, he performed works by Atahualpa Yupanqui, as well as by his partner, Antonietta Paule Pepin Fitzpatrick -known as Nenette Pepin- and who signed as co-author under the pseudonym Pablo del Cerro.

In this way, Horacio Lavandera’s intervention and work spanned more than a decade focused on understanding the pianistic imprint in Yupanqui’s work and the recovery of the subtleties that Nenette brought to his music. All this was reflected on the Cosquín stage this weekend with two music references, in what meant a public foray into folklore for the pianist.

With prodigious fingering, his undisputed talent and his tireless work, the 38-year-old artist arrives in the city to display once again the richness of his style and his ability to publicize the contributions of composers from the classical repertoire in the history of music.

This is how it will be presented this Saturday on the municipal stage to give an account of a program that includes true pearls of numerous referents born in Germany, who show a path and a musical culture that covers several centuries of production, each one with its particularity and, at the same time, time, inscribed in a tradition recognized and recovered throughout the world.

It will be a unique opportunity to approach a different approach to musical art, while this presentation prints a vein linked to rhythms and transcendental perspectives to the cultural offer of the city.