May 5th, 2024

El Nuevo Herald. The Argentine classical pianist Horacio Lavandera will perform for the first time in Miami


Lavandera will perform an eclectic repertoire featuring works by Mozart, Beethoven, and Mendelssohn, as well as by the American George Gershwin and the contemporary Argentine composer, Dino Saluzzi. PHOTO BY EDUARDO DOLENGIEWICH/COURTESY OF CELORIA PRODUCTIONS

Argentinian pianist Horacio Lavandera is a true rockstar of Latin American classical music and will be visiting us in the coming days. He will be performing for the first time in Miami as part of a solo piano tour across the United States, which will also take him to the legendary Carnegie Hall in New York. The virtuoso South American instrumentalist will be at the University of Miami in Coral Gables on Tuesday, May 7.

While in the United States, Lavandera will perform an eclectic repertoire featuring works by Mozart, Beethoven, and Mendelssohn, as well as by the American George Gershwin and the contemporary Argentine composer and master bandoneonist, Dino Saluzzi.

“I am very excited about this series of performances because, as you will see, I will be interpreting great authors of German classical music, but also two paradigmatic composers from Argentina and the United States such as Saluzzi and Gershwin,” said the young maestro, who is also a producer and director. Continuing, the pianist added: “My idea is to connect Argentina and the United States through my piano, an instrument whose presence in the cultural development of both societies was fundamental.”

Lavandera will interpret works by Mozart such as “Ah vous dirai-je, maman,* K.265; by Mendelssohn, Variations sérieusses. Op. 54; by Gershwin, Improvisation on Songs. He will also offer pieces from the album “Dino Saluzzi: Imágenes – Música para piano,” where he recorded works by the veteran master. This is one of his most celebrated productions, and American music critic Ted Gioia (The New York Times, Los Angeles Times) ranked it as one of the top twenty albums of 2015.

Lavandera explains the decision to combine Saluzzi’s exotic works with those of the classics: “His piano music represents an idealized romanticism, which in a way is related to German romanticism.”

Lavandera is one of the most acclaimed young classical pianists of the last twenty years. Born in Buenos Aires in 1984, he is the son of the renowned percussionist José María Lavandera. Considered a prodigy for his virtuosity and early performances, Horacio began his professional career at the age of 16 when he won the III International Piano Competition Umberto Micheli at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, Italy. He also received a special and unique prize from the Philharmonic Orchestra of La Scala.

Regarding previous performances in the United States, local specialized press has praised him. “Just as Wynton Marsalis represents jazz in the United States, Lavandera represents classical music in Argentina,” wrote Keith Widyolar of New York Latin Culture Magazine.

The pianist recalls that in 2018 he performed at Carnegie Hall, one of the most famous concert halls in the world. By the way, he has also performed at another prestigious theater in the northeastern United States: Jordan Hall in Boston.

Lavandera has eleven albums to his credit. He has been supported by the record label Sony Music; he has won several Gardel Awards in Argentina; he has recorded pieces by Astor Piazzolla. He has trained in countries such as Italy and Spain.

He has also been invited to perform as a soloist with prestigious orchestras and conductors, as well as to give recitals throughout America, Europe, and Asia. He has been under the baton of prominent conductors such as Charles Dutoit, Antonio Pappano, Benjamin Zander, Michael Zilm, Terje Mikkelsen, Arthur Fagen, Martin Sieghart, Christopher Wilkins, David Murphy, George Pehlivanian, Franz-Paul Decker, Enrique Arturo Diemecke, among others.

Lavandera is also considered a popular phenomenon in his country because he was the protagonist of two national television cultural programs and the film “Zonda” (2014) by renowned Spanish filmmaker Carlos Saura.

The USA Tour has the following itinerary: Friday, May 3, Co-Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Rochester, Minnesota; Sunday, May 5, St. Martin’s Lutheran Church and School in Winona, Minnesota; Tuesday, May 7, Newman Recital Hall in Miami; and Friday, May 10, Carnegie Hall.

Horacio Lavandera, Tuesday, May 7, 8 p.m., Newman Recital Hall, University of Miami, 5513 San Amaro Dr, Coral Gables, FL 33146. Tickets on sale at