June 27th, 2023

El Litoral. A gift for the senses: Virginia Tola and Horacio Lavandera together in Santa Fe. Teatro Municipal. Friday June 30, 2023

The soprano and the pianist will unite in a concert in the Sala Mayor of the Municipal Theatre. Under the title “Germany and Spain: great composers”, they will offer a selection of masterpieces by Beethoven, Clara Schumann, Richard Wagner and Manuel de Falla, in a presentation that seeks to honor the musical richness of both European cultures.

Juan Ignacio Novak.

After a benefit concert held a few months ago at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, the soprano Virginia Tola and the pianist Horacio Lavandera will perform together for the first time in the city of Santa Fe. The concert, which marks the 450th anniversary of the city, will take place in the Sala Mayor of the Municipal Theater on Friday, June 30 at 9:30 p.m.

Horacio Lavandera y Virginia Tola. FOTO: Gentileza producción


The musicians will carry out a presentation entitled “Germany and Spain: great composers”. As it suggests, it includes a repertoire made up of works from the classical repertoire of those European countries. Specifically, the selected authors are Ludwig van Beethoven, Clara Schumann, Richard Wagner and Manuel de Falla.

Lavandera is not yet 40 years old but she has an enormous career behind her, which includes recognition from the Argentine Music Critics Association and the Konex Foundation. In the instance prior to her concert at the Municipal Theater, she agreed to talk with this medium. “My visits to Santa Fe have always been extremely joyful, I found a city with a great history and a way of life that is very refined,” she said.

He also called on the people of Santa Fe to value and be proud of the activities that have their epicenter in the city and in particular its musical organizations, which are in very good shape and are very active, taking music to all corners. “Both Virginia and I, who know Europe, are struck by how work is being done in Argentina,” she said.

Horacio Lavandera y Virginia Tola. FOTO: Gentileza producción


Regarding the repertoire, he pointed out that it is a program specially chosen for Santa Fe and that he is extremely happy to be able to share it with Tola. “Last year we did Clara Schumann’s songs at the Teatro Colón and it was a great success. She is one of the most important composers in the history of music, of which very little has been interpreted in the last hundred years. With the great advance of feminism, it is formidable to be able to contribute in this way and draw attention to some wonderful works, which are made in a very beautiful moment for the composer”, she expressed.

After that first “trigger” linked to Clara Schumann, works by the Spanish Manuel de Falla, a highly valued composer in Argentina whose music he does not perform much, will be added in the second part. It was a proposal from Virginia and I agreed to play her most important works for piano. This is how he was putting together a beautiful program around enormous composers that we like so much, ”said Lavandera.

Horacio Lavandera y Virginia Tola. FOTO: Gentileza producción

The concert will have additional interest if one considers that in Santa Fe and its area of influence there is an important community of Germans and Spaniards. “Both Virginia and I toured Europe and were on stages in Germany and Spain. And the truth is that finding that in Argentina there are also many people who are interested in this music is a source of great joy. I am working a lot in this direction of connecting with people who like this music, so all Santa Fe residents are invited ”, he valued.


The visit to Santa Fe is part of a tour that Tola and Lavandera will carry out in various parts of the country, including Mar del Plata, Tucumán, Córdoba and Rosario. But the one in the provincial capital will be special. “I am increasingly convinced that the connection has to be very deep. In fact, there are going to be surprises at the concert with Virginia. They’re not all confirmed yet, but there are pianist colleagues with whom we might do a small piece. Whom I admire a lot and are very young. There is great talent throughout Argentina, very diverse, ”he said.

Horacio Lavandera y Virginia Tola. FOTO: Gentileza producción